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Google Ads campaigns are a powerful tool for businesses of any size to increase their online presence and company income. With the right strategy, businesses can use Google Ads to create an effective marketing campaign to reach their target audience, build brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, and ultimately boost sales. This part reveals the benefits of using Google Ads campaigns for your business and provides insights on understanding this channel to maximize success.

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How Pay Per Click campaign is working?

Your query

Every phrase put into search engine may trigger an ad to  display if some advertiser targets a keyword included in your query.

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Google Ads engine works

Google calculate bids, quality ranking and other factors in campaigns of all eligible advertisers. A result of these calculations determines a final ranking and order of ads. Our part is to make your ads winning over competitors and appear on the most profitable position.

Top listings in Search Engine Result Page – SERP

Search Engine Result Page is the final output of every query. Above natural results you can see sponsored listings which are immediately visible and catching users attention. Let us send your company there!


Our process

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Understand your business

A successful PPC campaign starts with understanding your business, offerings, and clients. This step helps us research relevant keywords used in your niche and create a strategy.

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Create strategy and set KPIs

As we know your business, we can set KPIs to evaluate our efforts in the future. Then we can create a tailor-made strategy that leads us to our goals.

campaign optimization and report

Run and track campaigns

We create a campaign structure reflecting your offer that helps us better understand and optimize our efforts. From this moment on, be prepared for more traffic on your website.

ppc campaigns evaluation and optimization

Evaluate and optimize

Results of the PPC campaigns are coming immediately. However, in the initial stage, we collect data insights to optimize targeting options and run the ads in the most efficient way.

Overview of Google Ads

Google Ads allows advertisers to create targeted ads displayed on various platforms, such as search engine results pages (SERPs), YouTube videos, Gmail inboxes, websites, and mobile apps. These campaigns help us reach potential customers searching for specific keywords or topics related to our clients’ businesses.

Additionally, marketers can customize ad targeting parameters such as location and demographics to only serve ads relevant to the target audience. Finally, with features like bid optimization algorithms and automated bidding strategies, marketers have greater control over ad budgets while still reaching desired goals.

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Benefits of using Google Ads

The primary benefit of using Google Ads is that it allows every company to quickly feel the impact of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign with minimal effort. By leveraging the power of search engine advertising, display ads, remarketing ads, video ads, and more – all within one platform – companies can easily reach potential customers in various ways. Google’s advanced targeting capabilities also allow agencies to tailor messages to desired demographics or geographic areas.

As a result, businesses save time and money in reaching users interested in something other than their product or service. As such, this makes it easier for smaller companies with limited budgets to make an impactful impression on potential customers without breaking the bank.

Finally, because results from PPC campaigns are measurable in real-time through Google Analytics or similar tools, marketers have access to detailed reports that help them see what works best so they can adjust the settings as needed.

Numbers speak

Recent research by BrightLocal shows that 73% of small businesses saw an increase in website traffic after working with a digital agency compared to 54% who didn’t work with one. Similarly, another survey by Clutch found that 58% of respondents reported more leads after working with a digital agency compared to 37% who didn’t work with any. Furthermore, according to the same report, 67 % of respondents reported increased sales volume after working with a digital agency compared to 46 % who didn’t work with one.

These findings clearly show how utilizing professional assistance offered by digital agencies significantly impacts website traffic, generating quality leads and increasing overall sales volume, ultimately contributing towards better bottom-line profits for business owners.

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Our approach of Google Ads

Start smart: We advise launching new ad campaigns on Google only to bite off what you can chew to avoid reaching too many different goals simultaneously. Instead, we focus on minor goals until you get comfortable before launching full-scale campaigns with other ad types like display ads or video ads. Additionally, setting realistic goals, such as increasing website sales by 10% over three months rather than expecting massive growth overnight, helps keep expectations reasonable while striving for success.

Research Your Audience: Knowing your target market is essential when creating any successful PPC campaign. Researching your audience beforehand helps us determine which keywords to consider so that your ads appear when people search for those terms. Additionally, utilizing A/B testing methods such as split testing two versions against each other allows you to measure which performs better, so we know where best to place your efforts as we advance.

Optimize Landing Pages: Once someone clicks through an advert, they need somewhere to go – we ensure the landing page is user-friendly and easy to navigate. A key here is ensuring visitors find what they need quickly and efficiently without overwhelming lots of information available at once. Otherwise, risk losing interest in leaving the page before taking any action required, like making a purchase, sending an inquiry, and others.

Utilize Negative Keywords: Negative keywords prevent irrelevant searches from triggering your advertisements. This way, only relevant queries trigger your advert leading to higher quality leads being generated, thus improving ROI. For example, if someone was looking for ‘cheap car insurance’ but you offer luxury car insurance, then adding ‘cheap’ as a negative keyword would ensure that the query does not trigger an advertisement. This helps to save wasted budget spent showing the wrong advert and people searching for something else entirely.

Monitor Results Regularly: Keeping track of performance and checking whether changes made had positive or negative effects is vital to staying ahead and optimizing future performance campaigns. Utilizing reporting tools provided by Google and 3rd party tools gives detailed insight, allowing marketers to check progress, compare competitors, identify improvement areas, and take necessary steps. Address issues promptly and drastically reduce the costs associated with running ineffectively. Efficient campaigns result in higher return investment and better results achieved end day.

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