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Digital marketing has become essential for modern e-commerce businesses to reach potential customers, build relationships, and increase sales. With the proliferation of digital technology and the growth of online shopping, digital marketing is critical to driving success for e-commerce businesses.

Here we will analyze how digital marketing can be vital in building modern e-commerce businesses by exploring its benefits, challenges, and best practices.

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Recommended types of ads

Search engine ads

Standard search engine ads are the backbone of most of our campaigns. Utilizing this approach, we can cover most of the generic terms that reflect your product categories, types, and other specific attributes that matter to your customers.

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Product Listing Ads

Unless traditional paid search ads, this format contains extra features to make it stand out in search engines: a picture, description, price, rating, and more. This is a more informative and eye-catching form of ad that works perfectly for almost all e-commerce stores.

Remarketing ads

The modern consumer usually delays purchases after the first visit to your website. With remarketing, you can capture potential clients who have visited your website and give them a tailored reminder of why they should return and purchase.

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Our approach to work with e-commerce

ecommerce audit

SEO audit

The first step of a good campaign is to audit your website’s condition, find opportunities, and identify potential challenges.

content creation

Content creation

Content is king in e-commerce, and we take this seriously. Your categories and products must be attractively presented to your customers to drive traffic.

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Campaign launching

While your website is optimized and stuffed with content, we are unlocking its full potential. Be prepared for massive traffic and new orders.

campaign optimization and report

Optimization and reports

Since we have received the first campaigns data, we adjust our approach and increase your ROI. At this point, you can see the value of our work.

How SEO & SEM work

Search engines like Google use algorithms to determine which websites appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). When determining SERP rankings, these algorithms consider keyword usage, website structure, content quality, backlinks from other sites and hundreds other factors.

Businesses can organically increase their visibility on SERPs without paying for advertisements or sponsored links by optimizing all these factors through SEO techniques like keyword research and link-building strategies.

On the other hand, SEM involves paid advertising methods such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads or sponsored links, allowing businesses to show up higher on SERPs instantly. Both techniques are necessary for effective online marketing in today’s digital world.

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Benefits of SEO & PPC campaigns for e-commerce

The Philippine economy is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia. The country has also seen a surge in its digital economy due to increased internet access across all socio-economic classes. This provides numerous opportunities for businesses to leverage online platforms to sell goods or services locally or internationally. Companies can capitalize on this potential market by using effective SEO & PPC campaigns tailored to Filipino consumers.

Such campaigns can help boost brand awareness among local audiences while driving more traffic toward company websites, resulting in higher conversion rates and revenues. Additionally, since both tactics involve targeting specific keywords related to products/services offered by companies, they provide an excellent opportunity for targeted advertising that helps maximize return on investment compared with traditional forms of advertising like print media or television commercials.

According To Statistics From 2019:
• There were over 70 million active internet users in the Philippines last year – making it one of only three countries worldwide where Facebook has more than 70 million monthly active users
• Over 80% percent of Filipinos access social media networks daily
• More than half (59%) reported doing some form of shopping activity online at least once during 2019
• Mobile commerce accounted for nearly 40% of total retail sales last year – making it one of the highest percentages globally

These numbers demonstrate the immense potential within Filipino markets when exploiting digital channels through effective marketing strategies like SEO & PPC campaigns. Companies that invest time and resources into developing comprehensive plans tailored toward local audiences will likely reap huge rewards if done correctly.

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Challenges faced by modern Filipino e-commerce

While many advantages are associated with digital marketing for modern e-commerce businesses, some challenges must be considered when planning campaigns. The first challenge is developing content that resonates with consumers, which requires researching consumer preferences and trends to tailor unique and valuable descriptions and pitches. This takes considerable effort but is necessary to conduct a successful campaign.

Additionally, cultural differences may make specific advertisements less appealing than others depending on a particular society’s values and norms, so they must be considered well when developing a strategic implementation plan. Another challenge marketers face is managing multiple channels simultaneously, which requires dedicated resources who understand how each platform works to maximize effectiveness across all channels.

Lastly, competition within the industry has increased significantly, making it difficult for new entrants into the market to stand out from established competitors who already have large followings.

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Best practices we follow

When it comes to promoting an e-commerce business through SEO or SEM campaigns, we follow several essential best practices to maximize success:

Utilize keyword research: Keyword research is critical to any successful SEO or SEM campaign. By understanding which words or phrases your target audience is searching for on search engines such as Google or Bing, you can ensure that your website appears prominently in those searches. This will help drive organic traffic from potential customers who have not found your site.

Create high-quality content: Content plays a significant role in both SEO and SEM strategies. Creating informative, engaging, accurate, original, and up-to-date content will help boost rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) while providing value to visitors. Additionally, content provides opportunities for backlinking, further improving SERP rankings while increasing brand awareness among potential customers through referral traffic from other websites linking back to yours.

Optimize meta tags and descriptions: Meta tags and descriptions provide additional information about webpages within SERPs. Optimizing these elements ensures they accurately reflect the contents of each page, so users know exactly what they’re getting before clicking through from SERPs onto your website itself.

Track progress and adjust accordingly: Tracking progress over time is essential after launching any digital marketing campaign. Measuring factors such as website traffic levels and conversion rates can give valuable insight into various tactics’ effectiveness, allowing us to make adjustments to optimize results even further as we advance! Additionally, tracking competitor activity within the same space gives a greater understanding of what works and doesn’t work across the industry landscape. Which then enables informed decisions based on real-world evidence rather than guesswork alone.

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In conclusion, digital marketing is vital to building modern e-commerce businesses because it provides affordable access to global markets with precise targeting capabilities offered through various platforms today.

While some challenges may be associated with using these tactics effectively, these can be overcome following the best practices outlined above, ensuring maximum return on investment in the overall campaign efforts undertaken by the company involved.

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